The Recipe Guide

There are millions of recipes on how to prepare a dish that are great or some you want to spit it out or make the face we all know.  A recipe that works for you should be designed around your palate.  There is no way possible for everyone to love one way of cooking or seasoning.

Kathy & I look at a recipe as a guide.  It is a list of ingredients and volumes to create a balance in flavor to meet someone’s taste.  We take in what is in the recipe and think that this would taste great so let’s fix this for our next meal. We review the seasoning that is needed and find that it has some that do not particularly meet our fancy but think that something else will and will join the meal in harmony.  We modify the recipe and keep going.

There is no law stating that when you read a recipe you have to follow the directions to the letter.  There is also no law requiring you to use specific measurements.  This again is a guide to what is needed for balance and it came from someone else that does not have your taste of food.  If you prefer something hotter or milder Then you should by all means add or reduce the season to meet your needs, as the creator of the recipe is not eating at your house are they? If they are then simply explain to them while you are an excellent chef these were some minor adjustments that I prefer. Another reason to use as a guide is simple yet the most important thing.  Spice’s age and the potency degrade from age so if it calls for a tsp of oregano the spice you have in your cabinet is how old and you may need 2 tsp.  Also if you use fresh it is more potent than dried.  We will or have depending on when you read this created a section to spices and will cover a lot of the above so I will not be going into great detail about this today.  The way we will be creating recipes on here will have a basic volume needed but it is up to you to make the dish yours.

Chris & Kathy

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