Grilled pork chop, corn and peaches with tomatoes

Tonight Kathy and I prepared our meal from shopping this morning.  I fired up the grill and let my inner caveman prepare dinner.

For the corn we stripped off the outermost layer of husks and tossed them.  We peeled back the remaining inner husk, removed the silk and checked for any unwanted protein (worms), and then pulled the remaining husks back up covering the ear.  You may need to use one of tossed husks to tie the husks on the ear so that they don’t fall back.  Soaking the corn in water while the grill was getting will help to keep the ears moist.  When the grill was finally ready, the corn went on and every 5 minutes I would move the ear a quarter roll until cooked.  I timed the pork chops to go on the grill with the rotation of the corn

Click the pictures below and you will be directed to the vendors involved this week.

Pendulum Meats Norfolk VA.  Thick cut pork chops from local farm

Fresh Corn from Brothers Farm (Portsmouth Farmers Market)

Fresh Heirloom Grape Tomatoes from Brothers Farm (Portsmouth Va)

Peaches from Brothers Farm (Portsmouth Farmers Market)

To finish off this meal, we had freshed grilled peaches.  The peaches were washed, cut in half and the pits were removed.  Kathy marinaded the peaches in some Date Balsamic Vinegar, Honey, Olive Oil, and Salt & Pepper.  I placed the peaches on the grill for 2 minutes per side until done and then back into the marinade.

Add some tomatoes, and viola, a grilled meal for the king of cavemen.



Supplies for this meal were purchased from

Pendulum Fine Meats Norfolk VA

Brothers Farm Market (Portsmouth Farmers Market)

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