Sausage Class at Pendulum Fine Meats

Stop in and meet your new neighbor

Stop in and meet your new neighbor

Kathy and I are always looking for local products as you will see and continue to see on our site.  A few weeks ago we stumbled on a website for Pendulum Fine Meats in Norfolk VA.  On reading the site we became very interested in the Fresh Grass & Grain fed meats they provide.  We visited the store and instantly fell in love with the place.

The owners, Chef and Dana Wakefield, carefully vet every farm and source for all of their meats.   Their goal is to provide their customers with the best local, ethically raised meats.

Pendulum Fine Meats follows the simple principal of fresh products and no waste.  All parts of the animal are utilized in some fashion.  They are a true butcher shop.  Nothing is pre-packaged into individual steaks or chops at the processing plant and shipped in to them.  They get the cow (or pig, or lamb, etc.) from the processing plant and create every cut you will see in their display cases.  The area is open and you can see almost every part of the butcher shop leaving no mystery to how you products are being handled.  They also make all of their sausage and smoked meats on premises.

Pendulum also holds classes to share their knowledge with their customers.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn methods that are almost gone due to the massive food store chains that simply thaw pre-packaged meat before sticking a label on it and placing out for purchase.

Last night Kathy & I attended the sausage making class and it had an outstanding time.

Tucker, who is their sausage guru, taught the class.  He began working at Pendulum Fine Meats (PFM) within weeks of their opening. He has devoted the majority of his time perfecting the art of charcuterie.

In addition to the experience, you also get to take home the sausage which you prepared during the class.  This is not a sample but an ample amount of sausage.

Providing your friends and family with your own sausage creations is a gift worth every penny of the class.

Kathy & I will be posting our future dinner creations shortly from the sausage made last night.

Tonight’s meal consisted of luganega sausage with oven roasted cherry tomatoes on polenta.

Luganega & Polenta with oven roasted tomatoes

Luganega & Polenta with oven roasted tomatoes

Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo from PFM

Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo from PFM

Please visit Pendulum Fine Meats.  You will find it to be an invaluable addition to your shopping list.

Meet your Neighbors

Meet your Neighbors

Chris & Kathy

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