Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo

This morning we made breakfast burritos using the chorizo that we made in the Pendulum Fine Meats Sausage class.  The taste was very well  balanced with spices, and not overpowering from heat.  This shows the mark of a good blend in that you can taste all the components.  As our focus this morning was trying out the chorizo, the burrito was very basic and simple.  The next time there will be some additions, such as onions and peppers.

First we browned the chorizo.  I emphasize “brown” as this adds flavor.  Many times when a recipe calls for “browned ground meat”, some people only cook the meat until the red is gone and then stop. This recipe calls for browning the meat, not graying the meat.

2 links of fresh Corizo

2 links of fresh Corizo

After the chorizo was browned, it was removed from the pan and I began to make the scrambled eggs.  I whisked 6 farm fresh eggs with salt and pepper, then poured them into the pan.  I constantly, slowly scraped the bottom of the pan to keep the eggs moving.  By trying to continuously clean off the bottom and keep fresh wet egg hitting the pan, the eggs cooked slowly and evenly.

This is very important part of cooking scrambled eggs.  DO NOT COOK UNTIL DRY!!  Overcooked scrambled eggs are unappealing and, IMHO inedible.  The heat squeezes the moisture out of the egg until you are left with tough, little pebbles in a liquid.

You want to have a wet surface look to the eggs.  The eggs will be a little underdone since they will continue to cook after you remove it from the pan.

Since we were making burritos with this batch and planned to put them in the oven and cook even further, we actually wanted the eggs looser and a little wetter than usual.  See below.

Wet scrambled eggs

Wet scrambled eggs

With the eggs and chorizo prepared, it was burrito wrapping time.

A light layer of cheese was placed on a flour tortilla, followed by chorizo, scrambled eggs and a final light layer of cheese.   Many times too much cheese is added causing the dominant flavor to be cheese.  We wanted to taste all components on the final product, especially the chorizo, hence a light layer of cheese.

Next, we folded the end over then the top and bottom of the tortilla into a burrito and placed it on a baking sheet.  Repeat, repeat and repeat again, until there were about 4 nice sized burritos on the baking sheet.  After a light garnish layer of cheese on the top of the burritos, they were placed in a preheated 425 degree oven on the center rack for around 5 minutes or until the cheese was barely melted.  Keep check so as to not over cook them.

A dice a fresh tomato was added for a nice acid touch that looked good too.

Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo

Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo


Chris & Kathy


2 Links of fresh Chorizo (Pendulum Fine Meats)

6 Fresh Farm Eggs (Brothers Farms Market)

1 Fresh Tomato (Brothers Farms Market)

4 Burrito shells (Grocery Store)

Minimal amount of Cheese (Grocery Store)

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